Marinette tortured fanfiction

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Disastrous Ladybug by Hide-and-Sheik Adrien and Marinette are growing up, but with blossoming maturity and relationships comes reckless decisions and new obstacles they would have never imagined facing.

What if we had known each other first and fallen in love second by Pinetasticapple reviews You know how Marinette was about to say her name in Origins Part 1? What if she did say it? How different would their dynamic be? Watching Miraculous Book 1 by Kaitou Luminous reviews I "borrow" the charters of miraculous Ladybug to watch season 1 of their show. Now Gabriel has to break the news to poor Adrien that his girlfriend is interested in another guy. He can't saw who it is, 'cause identities and all, but Ladybug is fine with it.

Tooootally fine and not jealous.

I mean, why would she be? Someone just asked her out in real life, after all. Nothing awkward happening here. A fun story about what happens when you get everything you wanted and still find yourself jealous. We've all been there. Pos final season 3. Different Origins by miraculousmarvel reviews What if Marinette got the cat miraculous and Adrien got the Ladybug!

What then? Stuck In A Bakery With You by dfcfanfics reviews When a potential medical crisis strikes, Gabriel's immediate action is to get Adrien out of harm's way But he happens to be visiting Marinette's house when the word comes down A lighthearted and respectful set of snippets playing off of this idea. Adrien and Marinette are chosen as the stars of this romance film.Marinette paced back and forth.

Tiki floated beside her. I mean, what if he says no? Tiki chuckled, and chirped, "You worry too much, Marinette! Everything will be okay. And even if he says no, you could ask again! He sighed. You're a nice girl, and I like you, but Let's just stay friends. It's not you, Mari.

Hey, we can always just go on a play date, if you want-". She hung up, and tossed her phone onto her bed. She then fell face first onto her bed, crying.

Adrien likes someone else? The girl's face was red, eyes big and puffy, tears streaming down her cheeks. I thought But I was wrong. Tiki gasped.

She realized it was coming for Marinette. The dark butterfly landed and sunk into Marinette's earrings. Do we have a deal? Marinette chuckled darkly. Tiki was gone from the room, going to find help from one of the only places it could be got. Plagg laughed, "You totally broke her, man.

She's probably crying about it right now! The blond boy sighed, "I couldn't tell her I have a crush on Ladybug. She wouldn't understand But if she is crying, maybe I should go check on her. Plagg claws out! He opened the window and leapt out, intent on reaching Marinette's room. Tiki flew fast, invisible to all at the moment. She didn't have much time. Taking down an akumatized Marinette would be impossible without Ladybug. Her cover would be blown.

Chat Noir could be able to help, right? She had to hope so. So she flew faster, on her way to Adrien's. Marinette was gone.

marinette tortured fanfiction

In her place, stood a figure cloaked in red and black. Red jumpsuit, black gloves, boots, and belt.Tikki said as she watches the blonde haired boy comp his hair to a similar to his father. Wearing a black tuxedo with a green shirt underneath, the young man was trying to make himself look presentable for what he was about to do. She will let me in. What game she will play though, I don't know.

The two Kwami's watch as he enters through the front door and was immediately taken away in handcuffs. Tikki faces palm herself as Plagg sighed. Back against the gold-colored elevator with red velvet strips, Adrien stared at the golden colored door in annoyance at the two men holding him by his shoulder with their big greasy hands. His left eyes start to twitch while his foot gently taps the ground underneath him. Being in the elevator made in anxieties, this is the closest he's been to Chloe since their childhood, and he didn't like it.

After what felt like forever to Adrien finally stopped.

In Love with my neighbor part 9 18++++

The doors of the elevator opened to reveal Chloe's bedroom, a three-roomed penthouse area that was decorated to her taste. These bright colors did not match her personality. The three men escort Adrien to what appeared to be her walk-in closet room that was filled with clothes, shoes, guns and torture items, Adrien's whimpered a little at the sight before. The two men forced his hands above his head, they put the ends of the chain and attached it to a hook on the wall. They then laid a stool underneath Adrien's feet under a stool.

Growling in annoyance, the two men leave Adrien in the room alone for a few minutes. After five minutes of waiting, the two men come into the room dragging Marinette by her arms. Adrien's eyes widen in shock as they threw her to the ground like a ragdoll. The blue haired girl slowly lifts her head up to look at him. Growling a bit she tries to get to her feet, only to fall on her face in pain. Once gone, she looks over to Adrien with a smile on her face. Calm her anger down, and make her a bit weak.

Dad had to be rushed to the hospital for what she did!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I love Miraculous Ladybug but i often find myself upset with canon. So this was born! This will be a place where I put episode rewrites, requests, future fic ideas, and drabbles from my Tumblr! You are also free to request or suggest something, you can even request on my Tumblr, which i would recommend as I do have a list of what i will write and what I won't, on there.

When Marinette Dupain-Cheng strolled through the halls of DuPont with her posture straight, her movements stiff, her eyes empty. Whenever Marinette walked, or performed something as simple as a gesture, her ligaments would let out an audible creek, reminiscent of the noise a porcelain doll would make when doing the same.

All Marinette wanted to do was be Ladybug again. Ever since the defeat of Gabriel Agreste, she had transformed less and saw even less of her partner, Cat Noir. She could only imagine the hardship her kitty was going through When situation arises where Ladybug is there and Marinette isn't, Lila is able to paint her out as the bad guy.

Hurt by her friends inability to see the truth Marinette questions if any of them are trustworthy. Or is most of them are. Meanwhile some of her classmates have their own problems. The power to expose the truth? Wasn't that all she had wanted? A weary and broken Marinette succumbs to Scarlet Moth's promise of justice. Just a very short introspective on a moment that almost was as Princess Justice ascends to power, ready to save Paris in a way Ladybug never could.

AU for the season 3 episode Ladybug.

marinette tortured fanfiction

My miraculous and you… you both saved me.Note: hey you guys, since this is a very complicated story for me to write once again, sorry I'm thinking of only having 5 chapters. However, on a plus side, I am in the making of a Christmas themed fic. So please get geared up to read that! Anyways, here we go! T his chapter is dedicated to The-Unnamed-Artistwho gave me some wonderful ideas for a way to progress the story!

Here's to you and your wonderful comment! Adrien was pacing his room. Plagg and Tikki were floating nearby, throwing eachother worried glances every once in a while as they watched the stressed out teen try to figure out what to do. I really need her help! Listen Tikki, Marinete is out there being tortured, she could possibly die, and Ladybug won't come and help!

Adrien clamped his mouth shut. His entire body seemed to have been turned to stone as he looked at Tikki with wide eyes. Even Plagg was quiet. His Lady, brave and sturdy, who he swore to protect with his very life, was sweet, stuttering Marinette, who was now in danger of being murdered. And there was nothing he could do.

He squeezed his eyes shut, gritted his teeth, clenched his dist, and punched the wall next to him. The wall now had a dent in it, but Adrien didn't care. He didn't even feel the pain as his split knuckles dripped a few drops of blood onto the floor. His entire body was numb. When he finally looked up at the Kwamis, Plagg and Tikki flew a little farther away from him. The fury in his eyes was unbelievable. There appeared to be a burning fire in them. Adrien had never looked scarier.

Marinette had never felt more angry or scared in her life. All over her body were small cut marks and dried blood. Her chapped lips had already broken several times and the sting of them began to go unnoticed after a while. Her eyes were red and swollen, but tears no longer fell down her face. She had cried till they were gone. Her throat was so sore from he choked screams and sobs.

Marinette had felt pain before. She was a superhero afterall. But never before had she felt injured and broken all the wqy to her very soul.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. I love Miraculous Ladybug but i often find myself upset with canon. So this was born! This will be a place where I put episode rewrites, requests, future fic ideas, and drabbles from my Tumblr!

You are also free to request or suggest something, you can even request on my Tumblr, which i would recommend as I do have a list of what i will write and what I won't, on there. These girls are all facing the hardships of life, but in different ways. They're slowly breaking down and dying inside. They're screaming, crying and begging for release, begging to be free.

Suddenly, one day in class when the signs are showing, a force pushes their heads towards each other, telling them to come together and hold each other up and as they push through their journeys.

But that force grows stronger when things of supernatural or magic start happening to them. Marinette has visions and can see things others can't. Chloe has telepathy and can control minds, and Juleka can manipulate things around her.

Next, they slowly become extremely beautiful, which bewilders them all. Then a woman who descends from the heavens in front of them claims that she's their mother and that they hold the same powers as she does, with their own special abilities. At first, they think they're dreaming but come to terms that they're actually sisters and the daughter of this Goddess. She won. Marinette needs a new start. She applies for a raffle by Bruce Wayne, and wins for her class. In Gotham, she makes new friends, and they make her realise how much she actually matters.

In a world where Chameleon targeted Marinette first, where only Chloe and Nino stood in her defense, Madame Bustier's class turned against their everyday Ladybug. As the girl begins to shut down, her teacher holds her after class with a suggestion After years of Hawkmoth's terrorism, the Justice League intervened in Paris to mitigate the damage of Hawkmoth's powerful akumas.

A Quarantine was put into place, halting all travel at the border without any warning. Now, as life under the Paris Quarantine grows darker, Marinette finds herself relying more and more on the comfort of her friend and crush Damian Wayne, who she video chats with nearly every night. With no end to the Quarantine in sight, Marinette knows she has to take matters into her own hands.

Fear and hopelessness have taken hold of her city. Either Marinette finds a way to end the Quarantine, or there may not be a city left to save once the Justice League defeats Hawkmoth. Even after beatten hawk Moth, revealed his identity to the public. Return to be only Marinette.

She can't find peace for herself as her civilian life falling apart. Marinette is done with the fighting, she is hurts and she doubted that she would be healed. So instead of fighting back, she trying something she never done before.

Running away. Getting away from the problem. It's easier and more effective. Wonder why she never done this before? Starting a new school year, Marientte thought her trouble with Neith and Lila was over. But that all changes when she gets assigned to sit between them.Sadly, I couldn't think of anything better that fit. Standard warnings apply. Probably a little out of character but getting better as more episodes come out and AU-y but maybe not.

Ladybug brushed her hair out of her face. It didn't work very well. He too was also having issues with his hair. However, he didn't seem as concerned. We're in for a storm. Chat Noir turned to look at her with a broad grin on his face. She rolled her eyes and he laughed.

I don't want to get rained on. Instinct is telling me that we probably only have about fifteen minutes before we start to get wet. Ladybug took it with a smile and braced herself against him as she hopped down. Chat Noir sneaked a kiss on to her hand before she had a chance to pull away.

That was her annoying feline boyfriend though. It was Chat Noir's turn to make a face.

marinette tortured fanfiction

Chat Noir turned bright red. I won't badger you. She paused a moment to call over her shoulder with a mischievous smile, "Did I mention that my parents are out of town for the night? She waited just long enough to see the absolutely flustered look on Chat Noir's face before walking away again.

Three, two, one Wait for me! Ladybug laughed. Chat Noir was at her side a moment later. One short trip over the rooftops of Paris later, they were at the balcony of her townhouse. That was round about the time that the first few drops of rain started to fall. There was a flash of light as Marinette let her transformation go. Adrien followed a moment after.

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