Pf940sc owb holster

This is a quick ship item, orders ship every Friday. Cut off is Wednesday for Friday shipment. It's minimal design is perfect for IWB carry. The holster features a 1. By removing the front screw you can can adjust the holster from canted to zero cant for AIWB. As with all of our holsters we offer FREE shipping, a lifetime warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. I am very happy with this P80 holster.

For as popular as the P80 is, it is surprising how hard it is to find a quality holster. This thing is great and look amazing. Very pleased with the quality and speed you were able to ship my holster. I plan on using it very often.

The Holster For People Who Hate Holsters

The quality of the parts as well as the workmanship and finish of this holster are all excellent. My front sight is 0. The order was placed early in the week and shipped on Friday as promised. I received the holster at am the following Monday. Have been using the holster daily since its arrival ten days ago and it still looks new as does the finish on both my slide and frame.

It as proven to be a very comfortable holster and fit for use on a daily bases. Thanks to all at Squared Away Customs. Frame is a polymer 80c and slide is Glock 19 gen 3 with meprolight adjustable night sights. I often find that many kydex holster makers try to save money by making holsters with thin kydex, or subpar clips, etc. Not so with this one. The kydex is very thick; thick enough to positively hold the weapon, yet east to draw.

Will definitely buy again! Fits my p80 like a glove, fit finish is the highest qualityas a retired law officer I have used a lot of holsters but this one, goes above and beyond. Good price resonable ship time I will definitely order again. Holster fits like a glove and is well made. This holster is as good or better than other brands I own, reasonably priced, and delivered quicker than advertised.And the Poly80 Kydex holster is perfect for concealed carry inside the waistband and outside the waistband.

Used with the nylon injection molded belt clip or soft loops. Because Kydex Poly80 holsters can be ordered for concealed carry CCW and outside the waistband for an open carry holster.

Just a quick word about shipping times we are a small company and most the stuff that we do custom work. We offer a quality product at affordable prices that is in high demand. Holsters are made on a first-come first-served basis. We try to update our shipping times once a month. Orders are completed in sequence unless something is on back order i. Use: Concealed carry, Non-Tuckable, Comfort level 7 Concealability 8 add the mod wing you could push it to 9.

Holster is non tuck-able, what this means is that you cannot tuck a shirt in over the gun. All DME Holsters are designed with a full sweat guard, inside mag release uncovered, adjustable retention, trigger guard covered, and barrel enclose with a quarter inch slit for cleaning.

Made out of. Available belt attachments: FOIM belt clips in 1. Belt attachments are attached to the top of the holster. Available left or right-handed PFsc holster. For extra concealability you can also order the Mod Wing.

The mod wing is an independent piece of hardware that can be removed if ordered with the holster. The Mod Wing cannot be added to holster if it was not originally ordered with one. Holsters are cut differently without the Mod Wing. It is a tuck-able holster. The difference is in the mounting and type of belt attachments. The belt attachment is mounted on the bottom of the holster on or just under the barrel.

The gap that is created between the attachment in the holster is what allows the holster to be a tuck-able holster. We only use one J hook or strut. Available belt attachments J Hooks 1.Outside the Waistband holsters, also referred to as OWB holstersare the most popular carry option in America.

These holsters are comfortable, trustworthy, versatile, and easily accessible. You may choose to openly carry your personal firearm on your belt, or you may still conceal beneath flannel shirts, hoodies, and jackets with Outside the Waistband rigs. Our line up of OWB holsters delivers on both incredible materials and unmatched carry-ability. From our BH line up to our innovative Multi-way and Revolver holster offerings, Gunleather provides you with unmatched quality and incredible versatility no matters your carry style.

We choose leather as our raw material of choice because it does not warp on a hot day. Instead, high-quality leather looks natural and ruggedly handsome from one generation to the next, breaking in and stretching just enough to comfortably conform to your body — all the while holding your pistol perfectly in place.

All OWB holsters are backed by a Lifetime Warranty, so you can take confidence in the quality of our craftsmanship. Open top holsters are common among law enforcement in need of easy access for a quick draw. Paddle holsters that fit inside the waistband are popular because they allow for personalized grip angles and cants. However, low-profile belt slide holsters allow for better maneuverability on the belt, which is particularly helpful when getting in and out of vehicles.

Some citizens prefer OWB holsters with the added safety measure of a thumb break, which prevents assailants from removing the weapons.

pf940sc owb holster

We have models that fit hard-to-accommodate models like the s — Commander size or without rails. OWB holsters come in right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous designs that meet the standards for individual comfort. Comfortable and breathable, our low-profile smooth concealment OWB holsters treat your pistol right with protective, smooth suede interiors that protect the bluing.

Custom Kydex OWB Paddle Holster

Concealment and convenience are at the heart of our designs. With the 2WH, you can position your firearm vertically in the middle of your back for perfect concealment or carry openly using the adjustable belt clip.

A 3WH can accommodate Vertical, Horizontal, or Cross-Draw positions anywhere on the belt for easy use and added comfort for your shoulder. Having the right holster is not just about safety, but about confidently exercising Second Amendment rights and showing off personal style.

Many customers choose leather OWB holsters due to the versatility of design. Outside the waistband holsters connect to the belt using J-hooks, clips, and loops. They may be more obvious to carry in public, but there are many advantages to this type of holster. Our company is young, but Gunleather is quickly gobbling up market share with our competitive prices and superior quality. See what Gunleather OWB holster owners are saying about their recent purchases:.

This is an exceptional holster from a great company, offered at an unbelievable price. This holster is simple and works with all my weapons.

It reminds me of how things were made long ago — with pride in workmanship and materials. And they tossed in a key ring with a leather fob to boot, which I can also use. Nice touch — classy! The pistol fits perfectly.

Invest in one durable holster from Gunleather, designed by true artisans, to have the superb reinforced stitching and snug fit you deserve for your prized possession. Contact Gunleather to learn more about outside the waistband holsters that embody original style, craftsmanship, construction, and comfort, and originality. We are a small, friendly company that loves speaking with fellow gun enthusiasts.

No question is too trivial to send our way. We support law enforcement and veteran charities like Anteris Alliance and Wounded Warrior. You can find our products at over 1, dealers nationwide or we also ship directly.When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Learn more. Never before has concealed carry but so common. There are more people getting your concealed carry permits every day, learning how to use the firearms safely and effectively and choosing from a larger array of equipment than ever before.

OWB carry is just as popular with urban carry permit holders as it is with hunters and range officers. Here are a few of the best owb holsters for concealed carry as well as some tips and tricks to make sure that you are using it the best way you can. If you do not have time for the details, here are our top picks for the best OWB holster:. Taurus Millennium G2 Paddle Holster 5.

pf940sc owb holster

Using outside the waistband holster can be a tough sell. Especially these days with so many amazing inside the waistband holsters available. Outside the ways, been holsters are less concealable, require you to wear specialized clothing, and polymer wear and tear in your gun in the holster itself. Especially for bigger guys, without a doubt outside the waistband carry is the most comfortable method.

Other than that, a faster draw and easier holstering are also very compelling reasons to carry OWB. For people with disabilities, arthritis or other special circumstances that make inside the waistband or even shoulder holster carry difficult, outside the waistband carry is a simple and effective substitute. While outside the waistband carry certainly offers up a few challenges, always benefits for most people can be easily enjoyed with a little prior planning.

Getting the most out of an outside the waistband holster is extremely easy once you buy the necessary clothing to comfortably and reliably hide your gun. Concealed carrying outside the waistband holster essentially means covering it up from Plainview. For the most part, all you need to do is obscure the outline and contents of your holster from Plainview.

Many people get wrapped around the axle bow printing, showing the very bottom tip of the holster, or even the bulge that the holster causes a long your waist. Even if a person does notice some printing or the tip of your holster, nowhere in the United States does this count as brandishing a firearm. It bothers you, use a holster with active retention and wear a jacket.Polymer 80 pfc Iwb kydex Holster with mag carrier and holster claw black CF.

The holster is produced by the team of public safety professionals from Darwin Defense and designed for use by the most demanding Military, Law Enforcement, or Civilian end user. This holster is specially designed for use with Molle equipment and comes with 3" Molle-Lok Attachments. We're sure you'll feel confident knowing that Darwin Defense is on your side You will not regret purchasing this holster! The retention is excellent, positive, and secure! All Holsters made with.

This holster will fit your weapon like a glove! Belt attachments "Wings" are available in 1. Please specify belt attachment size and type preference when ordering All holsters are available in your choice of Black, Carbon Fiber, or any other color, just let us know what you need The functionality is there!

pf940sc owb holster

The styling is there and all components are of the highest quality and durability!!! Put a Darwin Defense holster on your side!! Please take a moment to look at our other items offered.

pf940sc owb holster

All holsters are available for Right and Left handed shooters. Let us know what you want and we will do our best to accommodate your request. The best holster for you is one your going to use!

Darwin Defense is an avid supporter of the Second amendment and supports organizations that further our cause. All feedback, questions or comments are welcome.

International Priority Shipping.Attaches to body between pant waistband and underside of a belt, and preformed wings securely grip the underside of the belt. Custom Holster orders are based on a drop down menu system. More choices show after making each selection, building your holster as you go through the selected options. SDM — September 12, Holster is excellent all around, adjustable cant, adjustable retention, fit close enough for conceal carry if desired but still easy to draw.

Made in the USA, beats other similar style holsters I have easily in every way. Positive locking for the pistol, great looking and stays hooked on the belt.

Judy Catner — February 8, You must be logged in to post a review. Rated 5. No Rail With Rail. Masada 9mm. R51 RM Does your firearm have a Manual or Ambidextrous safety if applicable.

Right Left. No Thumb Break. You can view all of our Color Swatches here. Please provide any pertinent additional info in the box below if needed :.

All Sales are final. No refunds, returns, or exchanges for any custom holsters unless first approved and authorized by MultiHolsters. Lead Times for Custom Orders are currently running 7 - 8 Weeks Lead Time - Time from order is placed until ready for shipping with the current production demand. We are seeing a number of orders shipping out well ahead of this projected window as well.

We are working as quickly as possible to get all orders completed and shipped out to our customers. Thank you.Fit is great for my Polyner80 build, edges are nicely countoured and beveled. Has a decent quality feel to it.

Happy with the purchase likely to pick another holster up for another Gun! Accidentally ordered the wrong side. Emailed customer service, sent it back, and got my new one working just fine.

I had been looking for a holster for my Sig P X Compact RXP with a light and a gas pedal, and had tried many other brands unsuccessfully. Their holster was a perfect fit and made of high quality material.

I highly recommend. I had this holster for a few weeks now and I really got a good feel for it. Let me just shoot it straight no pun intended. The costumer service was fantastic!! My holster shipped super fast. Just a few business days. It came with a hand written thank you note on a small business card. Seriously who does stuff like that anymore!! It was awesome. The holster is light, sturdy, my pistol fits perfectly snug and I can draw it very easily!

Best OWB Holster for Concealed Carry – The Ultimate Guide

This company is the real deal!! I will be ordering again for another pistol I got. God Bless America!!

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