Tuition free bible college and seminary

Freelandia is deeply committed to providing quality Bible college and seminary programs that are distincly Biblical and spiritual. If you cannot go away to a Bible institute, college or seminary these programs are bought to your home. Our programs prepare pastors, teachers, evangelists and others for effective discipleship in obedience to 2 Tim and Eph Financial Policy Freelandia alone offers its degree training programs entirely on a tuition free, contribution basis.

Our tuition free policy is maintained that all who qualify may receive a Bible college and seminary training second to none regardless of financial or geographic circumstances. Freelandia is a proven work of faith, a labor of love to the body of Christ, which was founded in The school is not endowed by any foundation, church group or anyone. It is supported entirely by prayer, hard work, and contributions from its students and friends.

Many of our students come from poverty stricken nations of the third world where the Spirit of God is moving in a mighty way. A very large portion of the funds and faculty resources are now being directed in answering the call of these who are crying out to us for help. Our hundreds of overseas students have no money to send.

We supply all of their training plus textboooks free of charge. No other Bible college or seminary does so much for these brethren. Freelandia alone offers this opportunity for the brethren overseas.

Tuition Free Baptist Colleges

Come, join us in this world-wide outreach. Your support is urgently needed! The faculty, administration and students are members of various denominational or independent churches. Our college and seminary serves those who are of like Biblical faith, who seek true spiritual growth and fruitfulness in their lives and service to Jesus Christ.

Freelandia Institute is chartered by the state of Minnesota and registered as a foreign corporation under the state of Virginia. It is exempt from regulations of the Council of Higher Education for the state of Virginia as a religious institution.

We believe in the separation of church and state. Our programs are endorsed by the member Evangelical Church Alliance plus hundreds of Bible believing churches and pastors. Freelanida is a Chrisitan college that has elected not to pursue secular education approval. Obtaining secular approval would force Freelandia to teach secular courses with secular guidelines.

Freelandia believes that the local church should not be under secular guidelines. Therefore, a Christian college that trains pastors for local churches should NOT be under secular guidelines. What have you done with My Son?! The school is not charismatic or pentecostal.

The Bible College Online //

In any of these majors a degree can be earned from the first year level on though the doctorate level. Or a diploma can be earned from the first year through the fourth year levels. Overseas Students. Only degree programs are available to overseas students and these are limited to the following majors: 1 Biblical Studies, 2 Ministerial Theology, and 3 Christian Education. Program Prerequisites.Sign Up Here: Online Application.

tuition free bible college and seminary

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. As a Christian ministry, Freedom Bible College and Seminary offers biblical degrees at very low tuition costs.

FBCS is an interdenominational Bible school and is accepted by most Christian organizations as a high-quality source of biblical education. Consider a Christian education. We invite you to explore our website to discover who we are, why we are here, and why your role is vital to the Kingdom of God.

Apply now or email us with questions or to request information. Message From the Founder Offering the lowest tuition costs for a generous offering of diverse degree and certificate programs, Freedom Bible College and Seminary has been in continuous operation since FBCS is a Christian accredited Bible college and seminary that allows students to choose distance learning or resident classes.

It is possible to earn a degree FAST! It is not uncommon for a student to finish a 4-year degree in about 2 years. Freedom Bible College and Seminary offers the most popular degree programs at a fraction of normal tuition costs. Pre-approved, interest-free payment plans are available to everyone. FBCS offers bachelor through doctorate degrees. Thank you for your interest in Freedom Bible College. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Skip to content fbcs freedom. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.One of such options is by pursuing an education at a tuition-free college be it online or on campus. These schools fall into a number of different class, but all share that basic trait of being committed to graduating students without the intention of taking out large loans in their financial aid supports.

Some tuition-free colleges are committed to supporting some regions of the country that have been historically poor and thus may be open to admission only to students who are residing within that area. These schools, however, do provide their education without a fee as their graduates will be committed to a five years term of service in the military after graduation.

Prospective students who are interested in receiving an education that is either free tuition or other financial assistance that basically reduces the need to remove out large loans can actually begin their as there are some colleges offering this opportunity. While many students do seek a seminary degree through traditional on-campus instruction, there is also an increasing demand for some online courses.

The number of courses has really grown with the demand, and it now includes free courses offered by schools accredited through an online portal. Since the bible colleges offering free programs are operating online, the best and easiest way to find a tuition-free accredited online bible colleges is to search for it online, as there will be a lot of colleges available, it will then be left for you to investigate which of them offer their programs free of charge.

Below are some of such bible colleges for aspiring online bible students. This free Christian college offers to one hundred new or transferring students a full-tuition scholarship every year that covers up to seventeen credit hours each semester.

However, the scholarship is not limited to only such students, as Central Christian College of the Bible also has the right to award this free tuition to other students. Each student who receives this scholarship continues to receive free college tuition until he or she finishes their first undergraduate program.

Free Online Bible School

Retaining this award requires that the students attend an on-campus degree program, keep at least a 2. Louis Christian College, through the Next Generation program, high school graduates do get two years of free tuition.

Louis, or elsewhere. Grace Christian University online degree programs do offer associates, bachelor, and masters degrees in a one hundred percent online format designed for busy adults. Their passionate instructors do guide students through their degree to develop some practical skills that will impact their career and faith and then prepare you for the universal marketplace.

The school is being accredited by the international association for Christian education and accountability. Online Bible College offers some free certificate courses to students consisting of in-depth lessons. A diploma is being awarded to students who complete all the fourteen courses.A free online Bible school can be the best option when pursuing a college or post graduate education. Not only does it provide a student with an excellent influence over their spiritual life, it also helps to lessen the stress which is commonly associated with taking a higher education.

At the International Christian College and Seminary, you will be assured of high quality teaching comparable to secular colleges but with the additional emphasis on spiritual training. If you think that you need to take your college education at your own pace and comfort, then an online education from our school is what you need. Complete sample lessons from actual online courses. Get answers to your questions about preparing for ministry through International Christian College and Seminary.

We offer courses that are designed to prepare the student in different areas of Christian ministry through our programs that range from associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees.

tuition free bible college and seminary

Our standards are God-centered and you are assured that lectures are based on what is said on the Bible and is not influenced by sectarian emphasis. You may be wondering what the advantages of our free online Bible school are so here are some benefits which may be of use to you.

Bible schools are not only meant to train those who will become pastors and ministers. They are also designed to help deepen your understanding about God and also enhance your spiritual life. The College employs Christian professors and staffs so you can rely on a faith-based community that will help build up your Christian faith instead of tearing it down. One of the major obstacles that Christians have in enrolling with Bible Colleges is that it can separate them from their families geographically.

Since we are a non-profit organization, we only seek fees that are designed to be highly attainable by different students from all over the world.

These fees in turn are used to further the Christian faith through charitable events and in helping the disadvantaged. The free online Bible school that is being offered by the International Christian College and Seminary is designed to help equip students with a better understanding of the Word of God and to help further its teachings as well. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

High-quality Affordable Theological Degrees.Following are some of the Bible colleges I found around. Please bear in mind that there are, may be, more alternatives than the ones I listed here. My intention is not base on offer a complete list of all resources, neither is to recommend a specific school or seminary but to give you excellent options available that I found honest, with sound biblical basis and, have respect for the Christian Church Orthodoxy.

Other charges may include external books for some classes, otherwise they provide all you need online, in their site. Diplomas, Bachelor degree, masters and doctoral degrees all in different areas of studies requires theses in very strict format.

tuition free bible college and seminary

See the Website for details. In order to start you must follow a very strict procedure. Everything you need to study is posted in their Website. They offer all variety of religious degrees from Certificates to doctoral degrees. It is a correspondence, and online Bible college. After accepted and fees paid they send you all study material by snail mail, or by email. Non-denominational orientation with very serious, and deep Bible courses.

They offer degrees from certificates to doctoral ones. Everything is included in their Website. All degrees required some works at the end, please check the Website for more information. Most of the book need to be purchased by the student.

tuition free bible college and seminary

Even do, you save in tuition costs. They offer different courses leading from basic studies to doctoral degrees. Established back in Free Online Certificate. Check the Website for more details. They offer also other resources to help you study the Scriptures. For United States citizens or residents there are no credit offered but you can study it for your personal enrichment and growth.

Excellent studies with some of the most respected Bible teachers of our country. They offer paid tuition, and free courses either by series or as separate classes. Visit their Website to see all options available. Please bear in mind that most of this classes requires you to have iTunes installed in your computer.Our goal is to see to it that no student will be denied access to biblical higher education due to financial constraints.

ABU does not charge tuition based on credit hours, or program of study. ABU does not charge tuition based on credit hours. The Doctor of Ministry degree is a practice-oriented doctorate for pastors and ministry leaders. The goal of the program is to develop and equip reflective practitioners at a doctoral level with new levels.

Whether you are looking to sharpen your ministry skills or expand your ministry by establishing your own Bible school, you have come the right place. American Bible university ABU provides quality online biblical higher education that is affordable, and available anytime and anywhere. In addition, ABU mentors graduates who wish to expand their ministry worldwide, and help them in setting up their own online Bible School. In addition, ABU mentors graduates who wish to expand their ministry worldwide, and help them in setting up their own online Bible School….

American Bible University. Start Your Free Course Today. Undergraduate Programs. Graduate Programs. Doctoral Programs. American Bible University ABU Mission Statement: Welcome Whether you are looking to sharpen your ministry skills or expand your ministry by establishing your own Bible school, you have come the right place.

Why study at ABU? ABU mentors graduates and help them establish their own degree granting Bible College. Join our Graduate programs. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Get the campus news. Inquire about a ABU campus at your church.Baptist colleges provide students training and instruction in the Bible and such aspects of Christian ministry as church leadership, preaching and music. Supported as ministries of independent or non-affiliated Baptist churches, some colleges offer tuition-free education, with students responsible for fees only to cover the costs of course materials and the school's overhead expenses.

The colleges and their sponsoring churches adhere to the King James Version of the Bible as exclusive authority for Christian doctrine and personal faith in Jesus Christ as the sole means of salvation, or forgiveness of sin. Bethany Baptist College and Seminary offers instruction for on-campus and extension distance students. The latter group of students can take classes from home and have up to nine months to complete a course. Distance learners receive classes by email or regular mail.

Bethany awards four-year bachelor's degrees in theology and the Bible, master's degrees in theology, religious education and divinity and doctoral degrees. Fellowship Baptist College structures its curriculum for every student to major in the Bible. The college offers minors in theology, missions, Christian education and music. Other classes include United States history, personal finance, methods of Bible study, computer applications, Greek and Hebrew.

Fellowship Baptist College bills itself as a trainer of preachers, asserting that Princeton, Harvard and Yale Universities started as schools that trained ministers.

How to find Tuition-free Accredited Online Bible Colleges

Fellowship, a ministry of the Good Shepherd Baptist Church, is located in Mooresville, Indiana, approximately a minute drive from Indianapolis. Great Plains receives support from churches that share Great Plains' view of the Christian faith. Hyles-Anderson College offers tuition-free instruction to freshman and sophomores through its "Jericho Plan.

Students also gain exposure to the activities of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, which operates the school. Majors include elementary education, marriage and motherhood, missions and music education. The acre campus is located in Lake County, Indiana, less than one hour by vehicle from Chicago.

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